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PRX Research is committed to accelerating the translation of investigational drug and device discoveries into breakthrough treatments and cures for tomorrow’s disease management. Our team facilitate the process along the way and leverage our expertise to turn complex research realms into reality.

We are redefining clinical research through our professionally streamlined processes and reliable trial execution which generates quality data while keeping patient safety at the core.

Our patients are our partners and we’re empowering them to benefit from medical innovation while understanding the process and using the knowledge along the way to help report appropriate outcomes and creating the domain for evidence based medicine.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Participating in a clinical trial gives you access to the latest in techniques and medicines. You receive personal attention from some of the top health care providers in the country. And by participating, you are helping to improve health care for everyone.

YES! All information including medical, history of illness, personal and any information obtained during the study is confidential and protected by state and federal regulations governing clinical research. We will not release your personal information to anyone without you specifically authorizing us to do so.

YES! In nearly all of our trials, we will reimburse you a flat fee for your travel expense for each office visit. The reimbursement rate varies per study and will be discussed with you in detail on your visit to the office.

We have an excellent staff with a wealth of experience, knowledge and familiarity in clinical research; however, only our board-certified doctors will provide you with medical assessment and advice.

You can expect to be given a very thorough explanation about the clinical trial and to have all your questions answered by the study doctor and his staff.
You will be given an informed consent form to read and sign. This is required by law to make sure you understand what is involved in the trial. The consent form will include a discussion of the potential risks and benefits, and will have information about the schedule and duration of the trial, and the name of the study doctor whom you can call with questions or problems. You can also expect to have an evaluation of your condition and to be given the diagnosis by the study doctor.